Bliss Brands an integral part of Kasi Kulture

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Bliss Brands has been around for just over a decade and has made an enormous success of becoming an integral part of South Africa’s kasi culture. The proudly South African company made its mark with MAQ Washing Powder, which has become a household name and, as a product, has become a staple in many households in urban and rural South Africa.
So when the company’s Sales and Marketing Director Jacqueline Jacobs came across a book called Kasinomics authored by GG Alcock, she was pleasantly surprised. What she read confirmed and re-affirmed her marketing and sales strategies for the various products in the Bliss Brands stable.
“Tapping into the informal market, getting into the consumer psyche, understanding consumer shopping behaviour, knowing what this market segment wants and what’s important to them play an integral part in how to take a product to them and make it successful. In order for a product to be successful and make a significant mark in the informal market, you have to understand kasi culture and kasinomics as GG Alcock very succinctly puts it,” she explains.
“South Africa has a thriving informal economy, one which is growing. The success of our brands is very much linked to the fact that we are close to our end consumer. We engage with them face to face, we go to their homes and provide them with the opportunity to sample our products. We make a difference to their lives through campaigns that give back in ways that truly help our end-consumer,” continues Jacobs.
Jacobs believes that a brand can transform people’s lives for the better. She believes that it’s not just about what the consumer can do for a brand but what a brand can do for the consumer. With the MAQ a Movie contest, Bliss Brands gave people the opportunity to become actors in a South African produced movie.
“The MAQ a Movie campaign changed people’s lives significantly. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that created jobs and launched people’s careers. One of the contestants even landed the lead role and his life is forever changed for the better. He now not only has a job, but a burgeoning career as a professional actor,” explains Jacobs.
Bliss Brands continues to keep ears to the ground and continues to listen to its consumers, their desires, their needs, their aspirations. The Kasi market is a burgeoning one, one that Bliss Brands continues to learn about. “The kasi economy and market is an ever-changing one and at Bliss Brands we endeavour daily to understand it. We are always learning,” concludes Jacobs.

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