Attend our first conscious parenting workshop for 2016 this february

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All parents will agree that raising children is difficult, add to that, confident well-rounded children and the task becomes even more daunting. Most parents base their parenting style on how they were raised, some for the better and some for the worse.
Ever wondered if your parenting style is building or eroding your child? How can you consciously prepare your child to succeed in a world that poses so many challenges?
With so many opportunities to choose from and dangers that lurk, how do parents build character and raise confident children who grow up with the skills they need to flourish in the 21st century? Conscious Parenting is about the realization that to a certain degree we are unconscious and interact with our children from this unconscious place. In the words of Dr Shefali “If we cannot accept radically who our children are as-is, it’s because we haven’t accepted who we are at our essence.”

Join us for the first Conscious Parenting workshop brought to you by Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy (TLCA) on Saturday 6 February 2016 in Johannesburg. By attending this workshop you will learn how to be a parent led by vision, how to be consistent and how to parent with maturity. Tickets are available at R650 per delegate. If you would like to attend this not to be missed event email or call 0823573852.

If you are…
• Seeking to go deeper in your family relationships
• Ready to shift from old patterns to a new empowered parent-child paradigm
• Excited about embracing true presence in each parenting moment
• Ready to create more connection with your children
• Curious about how to apply Conscious Parenting principles into real-life scenarios
Then we welcome you to our intimate workshop filled with likeminded individuals each looking
to consciously parent their child so as to bring out the best in them.

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