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It is a fair bet that when executive chef, Shaun Munro conjured up his retro menu; he did not foresee the popularity in “food nostalgia” that followed.
But clearly Munro was on to something with his poetic depiction of the power food has to bring memories flooding back – “because memories are priceless”.
Munro’s modern take on 80’s inspired cuisine coupled with the decade’s top musical hits has proven to be the perfect combination for jaded palates tired of new tastes in the cosmopolitan, foodie city of Durban.
The desire to try something old – the foods of our childhood – repurposed and repackaged for a modern-day dining experience at Tsogo Sun’s exquisite Sky Venue. Located on the 31st floor of Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel, guests are expected to relish the burgeoning nostalgia food scene, taking them through the highlights of memory lane dining.

The delectable three-course buffet dinner, a popular draw card for guests, boasts an impressive spread of seafood, curries, grills and vegetarian options.
The playfully disco- themed cuisine includes dishes such as Rhythm of the Night Chicken Roulade, DJ’s Delight- vegetarian starter option, Mirror Ball Vegetable Phyllo Parcels and Groovy Fish Grill.

Signature curried dishes including the aromatic lamb and gourmet vegetable korma with paneer served at the curry bar are reminiscent of traditional Durban curry for which the Maharani Hotel was renowned during the 80’s.

For dessert, an array of sweet treats including peppermint caramel pudding, marbled chocolate mousse, fresh fruit pavlova, black forest gateau and crème caramel promises to leave guests spoilt for choice.

“Our goal was to build on the retro 80’s theme to create a fun menu, which translates into feel-good food and evokes a sense of nostalgia,” says Executive Chef Shaun Munro.
“The playfulness and variety of our menu has been a hit with our guests. Various dietary requirements and periods of religious observance are also considered during our planning to ensure that all our guests are well catered for,” explains Munro.

The monthly event transforms Sky Venue into an 80’s themed bash, whisking guests off on a journey through the hits of yester year.
Durban’s popular “old skool” DJ, Trevor Williams completes the scene with his pick of 80’s hits. It is bound to take revellers back in time to enjoy an evening packed with boundless fun, entertainment and excitement.

“We are thrilled by how popular our 80’s evenings at Sky have become. The musical era of the 80’s is indeed an all-time favourite for many,” said Samantha Croft, GM Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel.
“We believe there is a need for entertainment that appeals to the crowd which frequented the former Raffles nightclub in Durban. Sky is the ideal location, which they connect with and events such as these illustrate a sense of belonging.” added Croft.

Guests can look forward to welcome drinks on arrival.

Date: Saturday, 30 April 2016
Venue: Sky Venue, Southern Elangeni & Maharani Complex (Maharani Tower)
Cost: R420 per person including dinner
The fun begins at 7pm.

For bookings, please contact Garika Ramdarie on +27 31 362 1300 or email

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