Afrika Tikkun Bambanani – 444 campaign for Early Childhood Development

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Afrika Tikkun Bambanani’s mission revolves around Early Childhood Development (ECD), a critical phase in a child’s life. ECD encompasses those tender years from 2 to 6, often referred to as the Nursery School years. It’s during this period that young minds are like sponges, eager to soak up knowledge and build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

It costs Afrika Tikkun Bambanani just R444 to provide a year of quality education to an underprivileged child in their ECD program and they are challenging all listeners out there to pledge only R4444 to put a child through school for a year and transform a life.

This is the best end-year/Christmas gift that you could give a child and a lovely way gift to pledge on behalf of someone else too as a gift in their name.

Your pledge can become the bridge to a brighter future for a child in need. It can be the difference between a lifetime of opportunity or being trapped in the cycle of disadvantage

Together, we can be the change that brings hope, opportunity, and a brighter future to the children we serve. Let us unite for a cause that can write a brighter chapter in the lives of the children we support.

To donate please visit and press donate now to find the snapscan code.

For the video please click on ATB 444 Promo V3 Final.mp4 – Google Drive