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Inspired by 20 years of research and coaching people from all walks of life, Jonti Mayer’s 20 principles for success combine conventional wisdom with life lessons, logic with intuition, common sense with Eastern philosophy, but most of all portray the insights of a man who has changed the course of peoples’ destiny for the last two decades.

As one of South Africa’s leading executive coaches and an acclaimed leadership consultant, strategy facilitator and organisational development expert, Jonti’s experience spans 20 years and several countries. Passionate about helping people step into their flow, find their power and create their most inspired future, Jonti has a unique ability to unlock people’s potential and assist them in breaking through their invisible barriers.

From his first principle – the simple manta of ‘Slow Down. Breathe Consciously. Be Present. Connect,’ – to the challenge to ‘Be persistent. Go the extra mile. Do what’s hard. Embrace your pain. Access your resilience. Do your best. Never give up,’ each one is a pearl of wisdom to reflect on, absorb and apply. “Each of my 20 Principles for Success tackles a different aspect of the challenges we face in modern daily life,” says Jonti, who works with corporate leaders, management teams, small businesses and individuals to propel themselves forward and accelerate the accomplishment of their personal and professional aspirations.

“Life is exceedingly complex these days. This complexity is all pervasive and its impact is far reaching – on our health, relationships, families, children and environment. ” says Jonti. “As a result of this all-pervasive complexity many people are confused. Confused about who they are, what they want and where they’re going. These principles provide clarity and strategy. Both for you as an individual and possibly for your business – to guide you and your people along your journey. These principles become your personal program. You guide to living not only your best year but your best life. They can and indeed must be practices every day.” Some people read all 20 principles everyday other break it up and practice one principle every day and some fit the 20 principles into the weekdays of every month and practice them on a monthly basis.” Says Jonti. In the corporate world, many of Jonti’s clients have adopted these principles as the guidelines to building high performance leaders and teams. Look out of the 20 success principles in the apple and android app stores.

Jonti Mayer’s 20 Principles for Success:

1. Slow Down. Breathe Consciously. Be Present. Connect.
2. Take responsibility. Your life, your health, your relationships, your work and your money are 100% your responsibility.
3. Take action. Stop waiting and start creating. Get out of your head. Stop thinking and wondering and analysing and hoping. Act on your desires, dreams and goals. The universe rewards action.
4. Become fearless. Develop chutzpah. Become bullet proof. Expand your courage. Acquire gumption. Push the boundaries Take risks.
5. Be persistent. Go the extra mile. Do what’s hard. Embrace your pain. Access your resilience. Do your best. Never give up.
6. Just ask. Ask for what you want. Ask for help. Ask for support.
7. Learn every day. Become an expert in your field. Master the principles of success and accomplishment.
8. Stay focussed. Write and read your goals every day. Meditate every day.
9. Fail towards your goals. Failure is a part of success. failure and rejection are irrelevant. It’s impossible to get ahead without failing and being rejected. What someone lese thinks of you is none of your business.
10. Be positive. Raise your energy. Cut out negativity. Stop listening and watching the news.
11. Believe in yourself. Back your own horse. Find your brilliance and genius. Be proud of what you have to offer and offer it.
12. Become a force for good. Help others. Add value. Make a difference in the life of another person every day.
13. Be authentic. Find your truth. Speak your truth. Live your truth.
14. Say yes to opportunity.
15. Get inspired every day. Live each day with purpose and intention.
16. Suspend judgment. Od yourself, of others and of life’s circumstances. Life turns out how it does, not how it should. Things are what they are. It is what it is.
17. Be patient. Things take time. Success is a journey.
18. Awaken to the power of your speech.
19. Get into flow. Assist those around you to get into flow. Have it be easy. Life was never meant to be a struggle.
20. Stay humble. Be grateful and express your gratitude.

To contact Jonti Mayer, call 083 234 0746, email jonti@executiveconsulting.co.za

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