15 000 child refugees to benefit from Vodafone Foundation instant classroom

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The Vodafone Foundation today announced the Instant Classroom, a digital ‘school in a box’ that can be set up in a matter of minutes, helping give children and young adults in some of the world’s largest and poorly resourced refugee camps the opportunity to continue their education.
The Vodafone Foundation Instant Classroom has been specifically designed for areas where electricity and internet connectivity are unreliable or non-existent and will be deployed in partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Innovation and Education units.
The Instant Classroom is shipped in a secure and robust 52kg case which is equipped with a laptop, 25 tablets pre-loaded with educational software, a projector, a speaker and a hotspot modem with 3G connectivity. The tablets can connect to the laptop locally, enabling teachers to deliver content and applications to students without the need to access the internet.

For more information please see attached the Instant Classroom press release as well as an infographic and images of the Instant Classroom. You can also watch a video of the “school in a box’ here – http://youtu.be/cdmS8JVun3Y

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