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What to do when your car is damaged by potholes

Around the country, no matter which road you drive on, you’re likely to encounter a pothole. In a recent poll that asked South Africans which cities they considered to have the worst potholes, the majority (47%) believe that Johannesburg leads the pack, followed by East London with 23% and then Durban and Bloemfontein – both with a respective 10% each. Whether caused by severe weather conditions or poor maintenance, potholes are a major issue that motorists are faced with. Not only does it make driving difficult and in many cases uneasy, but it can also lead to tyre and vehicle damage – forcing motorists to reach into their already tight pockets, given fuel price hikes, maintenance and other vehicle-related expenses.

Well, what if there was a cover that can help alleviate the financial burden resulting from pothole damages? One that was easier than trying to claim through the municipality with reams of damage evidence. The good news is that such cover does exist – Beame’s Pothole Assist is there to do just that. It pays for damage to tyres, mags and rims caused by potholes and roadworks. Pothole Assist aims to recover 100% of this money from the relevant Road Authorities, nationwide – so you don’t have to.

In fact, there are numerous benefits to Beame’s Pothole Assist including:
• Complete management of the claims process to obtain maximum possible compensation for tyres, wheel rims and mags damaged as a result of potholes or roadworks in SA
• Free case management and claim settlement facilitation with all the relevant roads management authorities
• Proactive follow-ups to make sure potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents
• 100% of all pay-outs from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you

Pothole damage, can be quite stressful as it is an unplanned expense and happens when you least expect it. Therefore, to make sure that the financial rug is not pulled out from under you, make sure you have the right cover, like Beame Protect’s Pothole Assist, to mitigate the admin and financial burden of damage due to potholes.

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