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Volvo Car South Africa introduces six months paid parental leave

As part of a global initiative, Swedish car maker Volvo Car South Africa launches a paid gender-neutral parental leave policy offering mothers and fathers a total of six months leave with 80 per cent pay also applicable to same-sex parents and parents of adopted children.

Known across the globe for its generous parental leave arrangements, Volvo’s parent leave policy will be a first of its kind in the South African motoring industry delivering tangible benefits for both parents and children.

“As part of Volvo Cars long term strategy of being an employer of choice in South Africa, the new parental leave policy is a welcomed initiative creating an inclusive culture that will continue to retain and attract a diverse group of employees.“ said Greg Maruszewski, Volvo Car South Africa Managing Director “It will improve work – life balance, boost family time and fits with a progressive human-centric company like ours.”

South Africa is known to offer some form of paid parental leave often with a large discrepancy between what is available to mothers and fathers– often to the disadvantage of fathers. Moreover, equal parental leave offers the potential to boost labour market and career opportunities for women by reducing career and pay gaps.

“The winners in this battle for talent will be companies that value diversity, gender equality, modern and flexible working practices and employee well-being.” said Maruszewski “Attracting and retaining the best people is crucial and we know that skilled talent will be more selective in their choice of employer.”

The new policy forms part of Volvo Car SA’s people strategy to not only attract and retain the best people through generous and inclusive paid parental leave packages but also position Volvo Car Sa as an employer of choice to both existing and future employees.

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