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Uber Eats gives back to the men and women that worked throughout the festive holidays

Uber Eats recently visited various locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg as part of their give back campaign to treat modern day superheroes who were on duty during the festive holidays while we were all away resting . As part of this give-back campaign, the Uber Eats team visited the Johannesburg Children’s Home, ER24 paramedics branch in Bryanston, DARG (an animal rescue centre) and the Fire Station situated in the Cape Town CBD.

Johannesburg Children’s Home Visit
Ailyssa Pretorius, General Manager for Uber Eats South Africa alongside her team visited the Johannesburg Children’s Home to surprise the caregivers with lunch as well as grocery hampers for them to share with their families. For the duration of the visit, the team was able to interact with some of the children that were back from school and also surprised them with a small gift in the form of a party pack.

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