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Tsogo Sun branches out in commitment to sustainability

The Akani Primary School in Diepsloot was the recipient of an educational environmental tutorial that involved the donation and planting of 10 trees on 2 September, in an Arbour Day collaboration between Tsogo Sun (with support from the company’s Montecasino employee volunteers), SerVest and Miss Earth South Africa.With a long history of commitment to environmental sustainability involving a range of economic and environmental factors, Tsogo Sun actively analyses and manages its impact on natural resources and the macro environment in which it operates. The company continuously strives to improve its environmental performance through the use of an integrated model at its 14 casinos and over 90 hotels. During the last year, the group decreased its energy consumption by 6% and its water use by 3%.“Our far-reaching sustainability in tourism programme is based on a philosophy of bringing about change through collaboration, and we are pleased to have been able to contribute to the Diepsloot community, with the help of our partners, in an effort to promote environmental awareness on Arbour Day,” says Marcel Von Aulock, CEO of Tsogo Sun.SerVest donated the 10 trees that were planted – including Ironwood, the tree of the year – as well as tools and equipment for the project, while the Miss Earth ambassadors guided and educated the young school students at Akani about biodiversity, food security and tree-planting.Catherine Constantinides, Executive Director of Miss Earth South Africa, says, “We are honoured to be affiliated with an organisation that walks the talk on a number of environmental and social issues. Our young applicants are exposed to the potentially destructive effects that society is having on the environment, yet there is hope when corporates such as Tsogo Sun prove to be ahead of the curve by demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability on a business level.”Director Vusi Dlamini with the new mobile libraryThe Tsogo Sun employees at Montecasino are volunteers at the Akani school and have a longstanding relationship of support with the students and teachers. “We understand that the attitude towards environmental responsibility among many South Africans can be complicated by challenging social and economic conditions. At Tsogo Sun, we believe that targeting the youth through educational initiatives such as through the work that our Montecasino employees continue to do with the Akani School, and through initiatives like our Arbour Day Project create greater environmental awareness and ultimately instil a sense of individual accountability in our young people, who are going to lead us into a brighter future. As corporates, we are in a position to serve as role models by ensuring that we are mindful of our environmental impact,” concludes Vusi Dlamini, Group HR Director, Tsogo Sun.


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Tsogo Sun branches out in commitment to sustainability

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