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The Sponsors of Brave campaign – first nominee of the week Dr Liana Roodt

Doctor Liana Roodt found her calling in changing the lives of breast cancer
patients. After witnessing the saddening, stretched out and complicated
hoops cancer patients in the public health sector had to jump through for
treatment, Dr Roodt felt that something needed to be done to help these
patients. This is when she founded the NGO “Project Flamingo” as a means to
alleviate the waiting time and trauma of seeking cancer treatment in the
public health sector. She aims to not only reduce the surgical waiting time
for patients, but also offer them psychological support during the treatment

Watch as some of her clients share the emotional stories of how Dr Liana
Roodt and her incredible initiative has changed and saved their lives on

The Sponsors of Brave is calling on all South Africans to nominate their
local pharmacists, nurses or doctors so that their stories can be told. The
Sponsors of Brave campaign will feature 12 phenomenal stories on the heroes
of healthcare. Guest judges for the campaign include Health24 Editor Bevan
Lakay, Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts, Expresso presenter Jeannie D,
Survivor SA 2019 Runner-up and media personality Nicole Capper and Managing
Editor for’s Brand Studio, Andrea Firth. One primary healthcare
worker will win an educational grant to attend an international medical
conference, as well as R25,000 towards their chosen charity.

For more information on how to nominate your local community pharmacist,
nurse or healthcare worker and to stand a chance to win R5,000 go to

Adcock Ingram OTC (over the counter medicines) is a leading and proudly
South African healthcare company providing quality products to improve the
health and lives of the communities they serve.

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