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Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA) today announced that CEO, Dr. Jacques Grobbelaar will be leaving SMSA after 12 years of service and that Bertie Grobbelaar, Managing Director of SMSA, will be taking over the reigns. The departure was a mutual agreement between Dr. Grobbelaar and SMSA, as he pursues other opportunities.

Bertie Grobbelaar, Managing Director of SMSA, “We wish Dr. Grobbelaar all of the best, his leadership has created a stadium management team that produces record numbers of events yearly, while keeping the standards of the industry at their highest. We know with certainty that this will continue and we thank him for his service.”

Dr. Jacques Grobbelaar, CEO of SMSA, “After nearly 22-years in the industry it was time for a new challenge, and I am comfortable in the knowledge that SMSA is in the hands of a very capable management team. I look forward to my new role, but I also look forward to seeing what new heights SMSA will achieve as I hand over the reign’s.”

Bertie Grobbelaar will take over all responsibilities of Dr. Grobbelaar with immediate effect as a handover has been completed.

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