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Small Car with a big heart

It may appear to be a small car but have capabilities similar to an SUV. EVER since Mazda split from Ford they’ve been trying to re-establish themselves here in South Africa. They have introduced a number of quality products over the last few years, including the Mazda 2. Was lucky to drive this small car last year towards the end of the year. After the completion of my test days, was completely sold to this small car.

I can say without any form of contradictions that VW POLO, HONDA JAZZ, OPEL CORSA have a strong competitior in the form of Mazda2.
Thanks to this new design language, the Mazda 2 has a solid stance, muscular lines, a rear-leaning cabin and an overall look that depicts a forward momentum. However, concentrating such vibrancy and emotion into Mazda’s smallest car was no easy task. The biggest challenge for the designers was to adapt the Kodo design – which was created for much larger cars – into the smaller Mazda 2. The result is a great combination of sportiness, which is combined with a touch of elegance.
Just like the exterior, style elements of the neatly-crafted interior work in symbiosis with comfort and ergonomics. The interior is split into two zones: one is focused on driving and the other on connectivity and infotainment. I also found that the stylish arrangement not only heightens the quality look but also accentuates the feeling of roominess. The interior features a rich blend of materials and finishings that are unusual for a car in this segment. Mazda has evolved and redesigned the overall shapes and design details to give customers the impression that they’re sitting in a more premium segment car.
On the open road the little Mazda feels much bigger than it really is; it feels good, actually. It not only delivers a comfortable drive but that little oil burner up front does a good job with its 77kW and 250Nmof torque.

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