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ROSOND gives a helping hand

Rosond, a surface and underground mining development and exploration drilling multinational company, believes in treating employees as part of a family business structure, where the growth and development of every one is valued. This was demonstrated on Thursday 24thAugust 2017 in Dayveton where Rosond donated a steel container to Mr Chauke, a former employee of Rosond and owner of M.C Chauke Timber Supply. Mr Chauke suffered an unfortunate accident while at work a couple of years ago that left him disabled and confined to a wheelchair; and unable to work.
After the accident, it has been Rosond’s mission to help him make ends meet. Through Rosond’s HR department, Mr Chauke completed a course in business and entrepreneurship. This empowered him to open the hardware store. The store is successfully providing hardware goods in and around Dayveton and has also created employment.
Mr Chauke has recently been faced with business challenges pertaining to inadequate space and lack of safety for his goods. This prompted Rosond to provide him with the steel container which will create more space for stock and keep the goods safe.
“We take pride in taking care of our employees. They are not just employees but family. Mr Chauke suffered an unfortunate accident that left him incapable of continuing his work at Rosond and we are still very saddened by this. It is very important for us to see him succeed and able to provide for himself and his family. We are happy that Mr Chauke started his own business and has also created employment. We have been with Mr Chauke along his journey and we will continue to be there and to assist him in any way we can,” says Mr Jacob Matlou, Human Resource Manager at Rosond.

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