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Real fresh breath for longer with Clorets 40 Minutes

Sometimes things take a little bit longer than expected and you need to stay feeling at your best. Maybe you’re meeting the entire extended family; in a never-ending interview; sitting on a packed flight or on that first date. Now with new Clorets 40 Minutes you’ll have the confidence to linger longer.

Clorets has always been the fresh breath expert, but NOW, thanks to Clorets 40 Minutes which includes Actizol™with EXTRA Chlorophyll, you’ll enjoy 40 minutes long lasting fresh minty breath
These active ingredients, Actizol™ with Chlorophyll, are scientifically proven to eliminate bad breath odours. Choose between 2 sugar-free mint flavours: improved Eliminator (Wintergreen Peppermint) and new Green Mint (Spearmint) and look out for the new packaging in select stores countrywide.

Also, perfectly illustrating those moments when you need fresh breath to linger longer is the new Clorets 40 Minutes TV commercial. The commercial shows young Lubhi meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time and the turn-up is unexpectedly large. Humorous moments unfold as Lubhi works the crowd. Watch the all the clips on Facebook @Clorets and @CloretsSA on Twitter.


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