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As a non-profit entity established to create awareness around the impact of fatherlessness in our communities and the plight of the By Child, the Growing Up Without A Father South African Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Carling Black Label and Old Mutual. Through Carling’s impactful #NoExcuse campaign against Gender Based Violence, the three entities will unite as one in an effort to eradicate this epidemic.

The month of November is celebrated across the globe as Men’s month, most notably the 19th of November is observed as International Men’s day. To honour South African men, from the 16th of November, the Foundation and Carling Black Label will be engaging men in conversation on the various challenges which men currently encounter on a daily basis. Furthermore, the gathering will highlight the use of strength positively by men in an effort to eradicate gender – based violence.

Statistics show that 76% of suicides are committed by men, 1 n 2 will develop cancer, men on average have a life expectancy that is 5 years less than that of women and furthermore, stats indicate that men tend to ignore important issues around insurance and making provision for their dependents. These statistics prove that apart from the lack of awareness created around emotional, financial and psychological issues men face, they need a place where they can be sensitised on to handle these challenges.

International Men’s Day is designed to tackle some of these alarming statistics and address the needs of men. Best in class speakers will share their journeys and survival stories on overcoming the various challenges which other men can identify with. For International Men’s Day, we will tackle issues such as physical health awareness moreover prostate cancer, a healthy lifestyle, sex challenges and responsible drinking amongst others. Mental health is as equally important, with a focus on aspects around suicide amongst men, stress, depression, retrenchment, unemployment, and overall wellness.

Men will be urged to pledge their commitment to fighting Gender Based Violence and the growing against women, girls and children.

The #NoExcuse movement address will be supported by Craig Wilkison from Father A Nation, launching a simple guide for Men to live by titled “The Six Pack of Champion Virtues”. This book is aimed at providing Men with guidance as they endeavour to make a positive move forward in preventing Gender – Based Violance. Members of the Media are invited to join forces to eradicate Gender- Based-Violence and create a new order of Champion Men in South Africa.

This is also a great opportunity for other corporate citizens to invest in the wellness of their male employees by affording them the opportunity to attend this amazing men’s only event, kindly contact Charley Pietersen regarding the different packages. Registration fee is R360 per person.

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