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Kwai-Jazz and Mbaqanga Collide at The Soweto Theatre

The two musical giants’ idea conceived over 30 years ago to bridge the gap between jazz and mbaqanga music genres will come to live on Saturdays, 7th and 14th April at the Soweto Theatre and Joburg Theatre respectively, when Don Laka – the Kwai Jazz legend – and super Mbaqanga group, Soul Brothers bring music fans the never-heard or seen production of their first leg of the 45th celebration national tour.
The tour is the first in Mzansi and neighboring countries where Kwai Jazz and Mbaqanga genres unite on one stage and take the experience across the country and outside the borders of South Africa.
“The time is now to bring this art to our fans. This show is aimed at us celebrating a decade short of a century of crafting, perfecting and sharing the art of music with our fans. This time we want music lovers to partake in a combined mastery which shows that albeit the two genres may sound different, they are actually very similar. Prepare to be wowed,” says Don Laka.
The two musical legends’ inaugural tour show at the Soweto Theatre promises to entertain and give an experience of a lifetime with a world-class band and rare performances. Patrons can expect among other performances, Don Laka fusing his internationally acclaimed Kwai Jazz magic with existing Soul Brothers music. Soul Brothers will return the favour by blending in their award-winning sound on Don Laka’s catalogue. All this will be an exclusive live treat for concert attendees and a memorable experience for music lovers.
At the launch of this tour, Soul Brothers’ only surviving founding member – Moses Ngwenya – said that this opportunity brings back the spirit of his late colleagues, and that he feels like they will join in on stage and give fans an unforgettable performance. “I am inviting all mbaqanga fans to come and experience the Kwai Jazz treat, and Laka’s music in a different way when we bring the Mbaqanga element to it on stage,” he says.
Don Laka will also perform gems from his album, Reflections.
Do not miss this opportunity, tickets are available at starting from R300 per person.
The tour will also take place outside SA boarders in Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia.

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