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Johny and Ben Amato live at Stanley Beer Yard

This week Thursday 30 November Stanley Beer Yard will host Ben Amato and Johnny Sklar. The duo we will be playing a variety of familiar melodies all performed in their unique style, as well as some originals that they have been working on. They will also bring in Godfrey Mgcina, a very talented percussionist, on the congas. The evening should be a fantastic musical experience filled with loads of rhythm and instrumental beats.

Johnny Sklar has worked as a guitarist and band leader for over a decade, working with an array of top musicians locally as well as having supported and played with top international artists. He loves how music brings people together and is for him the ultimate form of spiritual connection and service. He is not bound by any particular style or genre and plays anything from Blues/Jazz/ Reggae/Chasidic , African and World Music.

Ben Amaro has played in local bands that include The Streaks and The Wax Tadpoles. He plays a variety of instruments, but when performing with Johnny he focuess on tenor saxophone and flute, as well as some percussion, using the cahon (a wooden box from Peru and a big part of Spain’s flamenco tradition).

Catch this instrumental act live at Stanley Beer Yard this coming Thursday!

Date: 30 November
Time: 7pm
Entrance: Free
Call 0114825791

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