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JMC Boarding returns with more Power and comfort

The JMC Boarding 2.8 TDi Euro IV is a bakkie made with business owners in mind but it also offers comfort features that one really needs. From a distance you can mistaken Boarding for Isuzu bakkie but they are two different cars with different abilities. This writer was surprised by its ability to load heavy loads and the power it possess. Spent 7 days driving this bakkie and at some point used the Boarding to load bundles of newspapers to distribute in the townships. It did the job with much ease and perfection.
This is the kind of Bakkie that we can recommend to any small business owner looking for transport to carry goods. Boarding Euro IV is an affordable bakkie without unnecessary frills.
Built for work
450mm wide and 450mm high, has a 1 340mm wide tailgate opening. As on all bakkies, the two internal wheel arches (900mm long, 250mm wide and 250mm high) take up some potential loading space. The cargo bin, 2 290mm long, 1
A bolted-on cab guard, with vertical bars and longitudinal corner reinforcements, protects the rear window from loose objects in the cargo bin if the brakes are applied suddenly. Lacking, however, are overhead lateral brackets to prevent long objects such as pipes or planks from sliding off sideways.
Twelve tie-down hooks along the outer rim of the cargo bin and tailgate enable a load to be properly secured, and hold a tonneau cover (not provided). These hooks have long disappeared from many expensive bakkies that urban drivers buy for image rather than function, no doubt on the grounds that they spoil the sleek lines!
A two-piece hinged steel stay on either side supports the opened tailgate. Two large internal latches released and locked by lateral swing-out handles on the rear of the tailgate secure it shut. Everything bolts in place, enabling easy repair and replacement of wearing parts.
The cargo bin has double walls. Unfortunately, the inner panels are not removable, complicating dent repairs to the outer panel.
A black polyurethane lining covered the cargo bin of the test bakkie. Whether or not it is a standard feature I don’t know, but it is highly recommended on any hardworking vehicle. It is durable, flexible, waterproof, and scuff- and corrosion-resistant.
The rear bumper, constructed of 76mm diameter steel tubing, has a central step insert covered with black polymer to facilitate cargo bin access. But it lacks a tow hitch and even mounting points, so that anyone wanting to tow will have to replace the bumper.
This should lead to a strong demand for an aftermarket replacement incorporating a tow hitch, and an equally good supply of perfectly serviceable used original units!
When loaded to capacity, the rather long rear overhang, exacerbated by the rear bumper, restricts the departure angle. The Boarding is not meant to be an off-roader.
A tough, one-piece, washable, grey vinyl liner covers the cab floor. Cleaning caked mud and cowpats off this surface will be relatively easy, in contrast to the carpeted floor of many other bakkies. As it is smooth and tends to be slippery, JMC provides separate, non-slip, carpet-like mats.
Convenience & comfort
Interior refinements include a radio/CD player, air conditioning and heating, electric windows and central pushbutton locking/unlocking operated by a switch on the driver’s armrest. Lacking are electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and remote locking. The quality of the sound coming from the speakers is also nothing to write home about.The 2,8-litre turbo diesel diesel engine’s Euro IV emission rating is in line with legislation governing diesel emission in most First World countries, and the need to address China’s horrendous urban air pollution. The neat engine compartment houses a 2,8-litre turbo diesel engine. Service items are easily accessible. In Africa, this feature unfortunately restricts the JMC to countries and areas where low-sulphur diesel is available. The engine compartment has a neat, logical layout, and all routine service points, as well as many non-routine ones, are easily accessible. The tools, for wheel changing and emergency roadside use, are located behind the seat backrest. Their attachment could be more secure; few things are more irritating on a bumpy road than rattles and thumps behind your back.
The bucket-type seats have adjustable backrests and are quite comfortable. A third person sitting in-between on top of the elevated, hinged-lid central storage box is likely to disagree. Moreover, no central seat belt is provided; this is unashamedly a two-person vehicle.
A small nuisance is that the rear window does not slide open, limiting communication between the cab and the loading bay.
Practical, affordable and comfortable
This highly serviceable working vehicle, designed and built for years of problem-free service, has all the comfort and convenience a farmer really needs. The diesel engine, five-speed synchromesh gearbox, leaf-sprung rear axle and independent front suspension are standard on most bakkies in this class, while the money saved on omitting unnecessary frills is a welcome bonus.
The JMC Boarding 2.8 TDi Euro IV is priced at R176 880 for SC 4X2 STD and R186 880 for SC 4X2 Lux. JMC currently have a R15 000 discount promotion- Limited stock.

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