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The JB Marks Education Trust Fund, which is established by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), hosted the 9th Annual Graduation Awards at Emperors Palace on Friday the 31st of August, where they honoured the JB Marks Class of 2017 with an award ceremony.
For 21 years the National Union of Mineworker (NUM) through its establishment of the JB Marks Education Trust Fund has been facilitating the growth of its members and their dependents through education.
The graduation and awards ceremony hosted over 400 guests including graduate’s families at an exquisite Gala dinner where they announced the 115 graduate recipients within the faculty of computer science, law, health sciences, sciences, engineering, economics and management sciences and humanities across various institutions.
Some of these graduates received awards for being top performers.
“The JB Marks Education Trust Fund remains the only one of its kind and continues to produce graduates who are driven, ambitious and opinionated- the kind of graduates that live up Marks Twain saying that people ‘Should not let schooling interfere with their education'” says David Sipunzi, chairperson of the JB Marks.
Sipunzi says JB Marks alumni are politically conscious, socially responsible and passionately driven people. ” I truly believe they are the generation that will create a better South Africa tomorrow” says Sipunzi.
Mary Bomela, CEO of the Mineworkers Investment Company, which funds the Mineworkers Investment Trust and in turn the JB Marks Education Trust Fund, congratulated the class of 2018 graduates by saying “As we celebrate this important milestone in your life, I would like to say well done on your outstanding achievement. Through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance, you have made a not-so-easy journey possible; breaking the barriers within your mind-set. Now you know nothing is impossible.”
The Top graduates are selected by adjudicators who look for consistency and excellence over their three or four-year qualification period. The top graduates in the certificate category went to Mpho Khongoana who received 16 Distinctions for an advanced certificate in Pharmacy, Technical Support- Cum Laude, National Diploma Category went to Nicole Sharmelle, Lorraine Bauer received 15 distinctions in Interior Design and Janine Cecilia Toffar received 21 distinctions in Bachelor of Education (Senior and Further education and training Phases) and received the Top Winner Award overall.

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