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Imperial is driving a new generation of safer road users this Transport Month Youth empowerment to “Be Safe. Be Smart”.

Imperial Logistics (‘Imperial’), a leading international supply chain and logistics company, is proud to announce the launch of its Imperial Road Safety Programme this transport month. This exciting programme is set to build a generation of safer drivers through championing road safety education at high school level – aiming to educate, and positively influence, South Africa’s youth around responsible road behaviour.

“Empowering learners is imperative in the conversation around road safety, awareness and transport at large. If we consider the growing number of road incidents and the impact of unsafe driving and road usage on South African citizens today, it is up to corporate South Africa to be part of the change we want to see. For us, this includes teaching our youth the power of being responsible road users,” says Mohammed Akoojee, Group CEO of Imperial.

The programme is aimed at driving road safety education through the use of exciting visual aid and booklets that cover material that is relatable for younger minds, with the energy and excitement that is relative to them. Furthermore, it is underpinned by a comprehensive road safety discussion, followed by a K53 module that is used in South Africa’s learner license training, to train young students and prepare them for their learner license test.

“Over the next year, we aim to visit 85 schools and educate over 83 000 learners, across 9 provinces – really driving the power of road safety home as rapidly as possible and fundamentally creating a generation of safe road users,” continues Akoojee.

“But it won’t stop there as we commit to continuing this programme as long as possible, to reach and assist as many of South Africa’s youth as possible.”

While much of the focus for Transport Month has been on raising awareness on the important role of transport in the economy, and to invite participation from civic society and business, in providing a safer, more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system for the country, Imperial believes that road safety education is still a critical focus in this larger discussion and therefore, created a platform to stress the importance of being responsible future road users.

“As leading players in the transport and logistics segment, we felt it necessary to answer the call to influence better driving practises and to responsibly contribute to the transport sector – given its pivotal role in the economy. But, it is more than this – it is part of a much larger CSI mix where we aim to empower the youth to “Be Safe. Be Smart” in all areas of their lives – be that road, healthcare, or education,” concludes Akoojee.

About Imperial Logistics
Imperial Logistics is mainly an African and Eurozone logistics provider of outsourced, integrated freight management, contract logistics and distributorships – customised to ensure the relevance and competitiveness of our clients. The group is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and employs over 27 000 people in 32 countries. Ranked among the top 30 global logistics providers, Imperial Logistics has established capabilities in transportation, warehousing, distribution and synchronisation management and expanding capabilities in international freight management. The group operates in specific industry verticals – automotive, chemicals, consumer, healthcare and industrial.

In South Africa we are proudly considered as a leading logistics provider across the entire supply chain – renown for driving innovation and continuous improvement. Our work in the demanding African continent has likewise earned us the reputation as a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and consumer goods in Southern, East and West Africa. While internationally, years of hard earned experience now see us occupying leading positions in exacting industries such as chemical and automotive. See more at

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