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Five ways to get to gym – even when you don’t want to

The bulk of workers (46 percent) say they are more likely to exercise in the evening after work, while 26 percent are more likely to exercise in the morning before work. Around 30 percent of the South African workers feel they have a poor work/life balance.

Very often, the ability to fit in an effective number of gym sessions (three to four per week is suggested) is less about time and more about the will to change lifestyle. According to a Psychology Today study, the real reason that we avoid exercising comes more from our desire to avoid any experience of discomfort than from scheduling challenges. However, once the habit is firmly established, the gym can turn into a sanctuary in a stressful modern life – a new comfort zone.

Targus South Africa provides five tips to help get over the initial stage of inner resistance before gym becomes a part of your life:

1. Join a Class
Creating your own programme and training alone is great when you have the right level of discipline, but in the early stages you might need a boost to keep up with the routine. Joining a regular class gives you something and someone to keep up with, whether it’s an amateur neighbourhood running club or aerobics class or something more intense, like competitive sports, dance or martial arts. Group training is a great way to pique your competitive drive in a structured setting while offering and receiving support on a shared journey.

2. Get a Partner
In reality, the structured classroom or group session is a learning space where instructors teach technique and method, but working with a partner who will hold you accountable is a great way to help you stick to your goals. The presence of another person increases the overall energy level in the workout, inspiring you to do that extra rep or set. If you can’t find a willing, reliable training partner get a personal trainer – if you can afford one.

3. Find Inspiration
Training in silence can feel like self-torture and quickly turn you off the experience of intense exercise. So, find a way to bring the experience alive – train to music, find online content about fitness or talk to people about their fitness journeys. You can’t expect to always stay motivated on your own and you need to develop strong cues to sweat it out on the days when the blankets seem too warm or when pizza and TV looks more inviting.

4. Talk about your Journey
Sharing pictures of your fitness transition can help keep you accountable, and friends’ encouragement can inspire you to work harder so that you can show off the results you’ve been dreaming about. However, be careful not to let social networks become the sole source of your motivation. Rather use them as another trigger to keep pushing!

5. Rest More
If you’re constantly tired, you’ll be less likely to be excited about going into a gym in the first place. Also, for the body to strengthen and grow muscle, it needs a decent amount of rest. While the exact amount varies from person to person, the basic rule is get a solid amount of sleep after each workout. Cut screen time to a bare minimum and rather spend your down-time taking walks or reading, allowing the mind to settle into a more natural rhythm that stimulates the brain regeneration benefits of exercise.

While these tips can help make things slightly easier in the beginning, the decision to get out there in the first place is up to you. So, just make up your mind today to banish all excuses and get that blood pumping!

Targus has even developed a range of backpacks called Work + Play to help carry your tech and your gym stuff in one smart-looking bag, making the transition from work to the gym that much easier – and you won’t ever have to worry about leaving your valuables in the car.

The Work + Play range has been specially designed to meet the needs of busy and active professionals, enabling a more connected lifestyle and helping you achieve a positive work/life balance. From keen gym-goers, cyclists and runners to tennis, squash and other racquet-sports players, whatever your sports, this new selection provides the perfect solution for our 7am – 11pm lifestyles.

The Work + Play selection consists of three backpack styles: Work +Play Fitness, Work + Play Cycling and Work + Play Racquets.

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