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Fibroids Treatments Clinic opens its doors for women living with Fibroids

On Tuesday 15 May 2018, Fibroids Treatment clinic in partnership with The White
Dress Project, a non-profit organisation that sets to raise awareness about Fibroids
and urge women to seek help hosted an educational experience to drive awareness
on the impact that fibroids has on millions of South African women.
This flagship initiative which brought together experts and women in one room
aimed to allow women to reclaim their voice in speaking about this prevalent
Studies show that in South Africa alone, 4 out of 10 women have fibroids. And 80%
of women are at risk of developing fibroids from their reproductive age to the age
of 50. Head of Fibroids Treatment Clinic, Dr Gary Sudwarts says; “ As a doctor
treating women with fibroids, I realised that the biggest problem many of our
woman face is not knowing that they have fibroids and they are certainly not aware
of the treatment options available to them. They suffer in silence experiencing
symptoms such as pelvic pain, constipation, frequent urinating, pain during
intercourse, infertility and heavy bleeding.”
White Dress Project was launched to support women living with Fibroids because
women who have fibroids avoid wearing a white dress because of heavy menstrual
bleeding. “ The White Dress Project is a tremendous opportunity to support women
suffering from fibroids. They need to know that they have the right to be able to
choose what to wear without fear of being embarrassed by a medical condition.” Dr
Gary Suwarts says
He continues to say “This event was a platform to encourages women to share their
experiences, discuss treatment options and to know that they are not alone.
Women can finally imagine a life without Fibroids, a life in which they are not
constantly tired or have a big pelvic mass. Where they can have children and have
the energy to care for their families.”
The event was attended by some of Mzansi’s faves including, actress and model Jay
Anstey, plus size model & photographer Thick Leeyonce.

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