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District Six Guesthouse – Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs – Documentary Series of Short Films

This episode of the Legacy Series features District Six Guesthouse in Cape
Town. Having admired the beauty and prominence of the building that is now
known as District Six Guesthouse all her life, Faizah Hendricks leapt at the
opportunity to make it her own when it was advertised for sale. She even
worked at two jobs simultaneously to be able to afford to acquire the
property. Faizah’s guesthouse is now a national heritage site and a glimpse
into the historical community of District Six, as Faizah has made every
effort to preserve the essence and culture of the location and honour the
people who once lived there. If you wish to experience the Cape-Malay
culture for yourself, be sure to stay at District Six Guesthouse on your
next visit to Cape Town.

To arrange to stay at District Six Guesthouse, call (+27)21 447 0902 or send
a mail to
To Find out more, visit

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