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South Africa’s leading bubblegum brand, Chappies, with its iconic Did you know facts is now bringing you a fun and flavourful bubblegum that will keep you blowing bubbles of Chappies Cola. This exciting new flavour will create excitement for the next generation of Chappies chewers who will learn how much fun chewing bubblegum really is.

As a product of Mondelez South Africa, the parent company prides itself in being innovative while keeping true to its legacy and strong heritage through its brands. Chappies is a brand which has a longstanding history and has become one of the most impactful brands in South African communities to this day.

The new Chappies Cola flavour is a culmination of South Africa’s number one bubblegum brand along with the number one leading soft drink flavour. The combination of the two will excite both young and old audiences who have enjoyed Chappies bubblegum over the years. “We wanted to excite Chappies consumers and introduce new consumers to the fun of chewing bubblegum by blowing bubbles of Chappies Cola.” says Trushann Thomas, Category Brand Manager for Gum.

Chappies, which recently celebrated its 70th birthday milestone, has made their limited-edition Cola flavour available at select wholesalers, taxi ranks and spaza shops nationwide from the 3rd of February 2020.

For more information on Chappies, visit their Chappies SA Facebook page.

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