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Cipla donates pallets of reusable ice packs in Cape Town Putting excess waste to good (re)use

Cipla Medpro South Africa (Pty) Limited (“Cipla Medpro”), South Africa’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the private sector, working through their waste management partner, Interwaste, has donated approximately 10 000 reusable ice packs to sporting fraternities and the local paramedic association in the Cape Town area.

When importing from within the company’s global network of manufacturing sites, Cipla takes every necessary measure to ensure the medication is protected. However, certain medication needs to be kept and stored at a stable chilled temperature to maintain the molecular structure, to ensure the product is both safe and effective for the treatment it is intended for. Therefore, while importing and transporting such medication, in addition to the temperature-controlled containers, Cipla also uses ice packs to ensure compliance with the respective prescribed storage temperature of the various medication.

According to Marinus du Plessis, Senior Manager of Facilities, Security & Systems at Cipla: “After we received a bulk delivery of medication, we had a surplus of ice packs, which were still in mint condition. As these are reusable products, we didn’t want to merely dispose of them, but we didn’t have further use for them in our business. We asked if Interwaste for a strategic solution that would enable the best repurposing or re-using of these products.”

Tyron Hartle, Coastal Technical Officer, Interwaste Coastal Division, said: “We tried to redistribute as many of the ice packs as possible, with the objective of diverting re-usable waste from simply ending up in a landfill. To date, approximately 10 pallets of reusable ice packs have been donated to the Association of Paramedic Services for the Cape Town region, and the sporting fraternities at the University of the Western Cape, University of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch. We are also liaising with other interested parties to distribute the balance of the ice packs,” added Hartle.

Abdul Anderson, Cape Town Operations Manager, South African Paramedics Services, said: “We’re incredibly thankful to Cipla and Interwaste for this donation. We will approach schools, community sport clubs and organisations in rural and underprivileged areas who could benefit from receiving such ice packs.”

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this project. Social responsibility is at the core of Cipla and this is underpinned by our brand ethos of ‘caring for life’. We are relentless in our commitment to initiatives aimed at improving the lives of South Africans. We are extremely grateful to Interwaste for their ingenuity and spectacular service around this project, which has also assisted our business in helping others,” concluded du Plessis.

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