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Changan Double Cab Ready to Compete

JMCSA International unveiled Changan Double Cab last year and this writer was fortunate to test the car for few days. The Double Cab Changan is a centre of attraction as many people requested to take pictures of the car. Shop owners in the townships liked the car because it has huge space to load at the back and also space to travel with a family in comfort.
The Changan Company was first founded in Shanghai in 1862 and has a history of 154 years. It was one of the earliest Chinese enterprises opening up to the outside world. In 1937, they moved to Chongqing – back then, the largest enterprise. In 1984 they started in the automotive business, producing the first batch of small sized vehicles in China. By 2014 they have sold more than 10 million units worldwide. In 2013 JMCSA took over the distribution of Chana in SA and diverted back to the original name of Changan.
Changan is surely taking the market by storm and it wont be a suprise when it doubles the number of sales in South Africa.
With a better design, bigger and longer load bins, Changan Double Cab is certainly looking to establish themselves as the number one supplier catering to the needs of small businesses. Not only has the Changan design been improved for a bigger, better loading capacity, but other enhancements include a much more powerful engine- 72 kw@r/min, 3 year/ 100 000 Km warranty and bigger tyres.
The Double Cab now allows for extra passengers, still able to carry a load comfortably with a bin sized 2.06m and if you like a bit of luxury, the Lux unit offers air con and central locking. Not only does the auto -feature an 8 speed gearbox, but is packed with luxurious features, not to be overlooked. Through global partnerships, JMC has implemented leading international product technology, manufacturing processes and management concepts, applying highly efficient and transparent operations and high-standards of business management. Today with an established Dealer network, JMC has secured a long term footprint in South Africa.

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