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The best thing a mother can give her child is love. One of the best things a child can give her mother is PANDORA jewellery to remind her of your love.

‘Motherhood’ is typically conveyed sweetly, in soft light with a halo effect – beautiful – but the reality of modern motherhood is way more multifaceted and sophisticated.

“The new PANDORA collection takes Mother’s Day beyond the stereotype, honouring the diversity of motherhood with exceptionally crafted, hand-finished jewellery inspired by different types of mothers.” Says Cathy Qama, Marketing Director of PANDORA.

For adventurous mothers who enjoy exploring new looks, there is the PANDORA Floating Locket which she can customise with petites. Sterling silver statement bow jewellery works fabulously for strong mothers who style their femininity with glamorous confidence.

For inspiring mothers, a PANDORA Shine Pendant inspires equally with vibrant words and 18k gold-plated sterling silver. And a brand-new PANDORA Mother’s Day charm will honour a loyal mother’s unwavering support and transport her back in time to a favourite memory with you.

Now, when you think of a word that describes your mother, you can match your answer with jewellery that shows how much you appreciate her. It shows that you know her.

How would you describe your mother in one word?

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