Main Menu’s Campaign for a 100% FASD-free South Africa The Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education ( has launched its 2019 “100% FASD – free” campaign aimed at addressing the worrying levels of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), which is one of its four key pillars in the fight against alcohol abuse in South Africa.

The body operates both in the formal and informal sectors to affect harm reduction with regards to underage drinking, drinking and walking or driving, binge drinking and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

FASD is a broad spectrum of abnormal signs and symptoms that arise in children due to mothers drinking when they were pregnant. Any of the unborn baby’s developing organs can be damaged by the effects of alcohol consumption whilst pregnant, with the brain being especially vulnerable. in support of International FASD Awareness Day on 9th September, intends to mobilise communities around South Africa through education and awareness about FASD. The campaign, which is centred around the message “Their Tomorrow Starts When You DON’T DRINK”, aims to attract 19909 pledges towards a 100% FASD-free society, running until the end of September.

The 2019, campaign calls for participants to share the FASD prevention message throughout the month of September. “Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is a huge concern and a risk factor leading to birth defects that include FASD” says Ingrid Louw, CEO of “While its effects are incurable, it is easily preventable if people are the equipped with the right information and support to make the best choices for themselves and their families.”

According to studies by the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR), South Africa has amongst the highest reported rate of FASD in the world. According to the targeted intervention rolled out by in partnership with the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR), the highest FASD prevalence rate include Renosterberg Municipality (28,2%) and Hanover (20,8%) in the Northern Cape, as well as Wellington, Montagu, Robertson and Aston in the Western Cape. .

“We want people to understand that no amount of alcohol is safe for an unborn child,” Louw says. “FASD does not discriminate and can affect anyone, irrespective of their socio-economic status.”

We urge everyone you know to pledge their commitment to alcohol-free pregnancies now. Make your pledge here:

*What is the FASD Knot? A chord is tied in the knot known as a reef knot or Canadian knot. Learn more here.

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