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Eric Phiri


Stokvels are ‘economic ubuntu’ in action

Ubuntu is a uniquely African concept that, for many, defines what it means to be South African. It is a word that exemplifies a philosophy of caring for the welfare of every individual in a community – an acknow­ledgement that ‘I am, because we are’. Ubuntu is a spirit that motivates people to work together for the benefit of all. We live in very exciting, yet challenging, times. We are all striving for a better future, where teamwork and ubuntu are essential. It should come as no surprise, then, thatRead More

ESET hosted world virtual 2020

ESET researchers have discovered highly targeted cyberattacks that are notable for using LinkedIn-based spearphishing, employing effective tricks to stay under the radar and apparently having financial gain, in addition to espionage, as a goal. The attacks, which ESET researchers dubbed Operation In(ter)ception based on a related malware sample named “Inception.dll,” took place from September to December 2019. The attacks that ESET researchers investigated started with a LinkedIn message. “The message was a quite believable job offer, seemingly from a well-known company in a relevant sector. Of course, the LinkedIn profileRead More


Metropolitan’s Three Word Stories campaign has South Africa talking about mental strength, with motivators giving easy to follow steps for life in the “new normal”. The same way we take care of our bodies, we need to take care of our minds. Having mental strength does not mean that one is immune to hardship. Rather, it’s about developing habits to build the mental muscle that enables the ability to bounce back from setbacks. The saying ‘Knowledge is Power’ couldn’t be more relevant as people navigate this new reality. Unfortunately, timesRead More

‘I lost my job during the lockdown, now I can’t pay my three stokvel

The COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in economic lockdown has further deepened our economic crises leaving many households financially strained. About 7 million South Africans could become unemployed during this pandemic, Treasury has estimated. This will have a ripple effect on stokvels and its members. Sizakele Tshabalala, from Soweto, is a mother of two and depends on various stokvels for her survival. Every month she contributes to her savings, funeral and grocery stokvels. Tshabalala works as a domestic worker and in April her employer told her she can’t afford to payRead More

Reimagining Stokvels during COVID-19 and job losses.

Over the past few months, stokvels members have been struggling to pay their monthly contributions, says Thulani Mabuza who is the national secretary of South African Burial Societies. The problem is that stokvels don’t know how to deal with high numbers of members not making monthly contributions. But this global Covid-19 pandemic, which has devastating financial implications on businesses and people’s livelihoods, is a wake-up call for stokvels to consider long-term measures of dealing with members being suddenly unemployed or retrenched. “Over the years that has been a major shiftRead More

Burying our loved ones during COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives as we knew them, the rise of the pandemic has drastically changed the way we mourn and host funerals for now and in the foreseeable future. Writes Terence Molepo Funerals are experienced as technical occasions with the restrictions imposed by the regulations set by the President to curb the spread of COVID- 19. Families and relatives from outside the province need a permit to attend the funeral and it comes with its own administrative costs since the permit has to be obtained fromRead More

Black Motion to perform LIVE on Telkom Plus this Youth Day

Internationally acclaimed house music duo, Black Motion, is set to rock Mzansi on Youth Day, Tuesday, 16 June in a virtual concert on Telkom Plus. Telkom Plus has become a popular streaming platform, hosting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. This year alone, Telkom Plus has hosted 35 virtual concerts including an Easter Sunday concert by Ntokozo Mbambo, Kwesta on Friday 29 May and now the dynamic duo, Black Motion, formed in 2010 by Thabo “Smol” Mabogwane and Robert “Murdah” Mahosana. “It’s all about giving South AfricansRead More


The dynamism in South African township’s economic activity is often trapped by the illusion, that it is a narrow band of informal activities who have little to no returns for corporates in South Africa. This is a myth that PPC is aggressively working against, as we continue to leverage our 128 year experience within the community and provide sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Lead by the PPC sales team, brick makers in the township have now begun to ask for the PPC brand by name. PPC’s outlook on townshipRead More


This month we celebrate the special men in our lives, the men who have raised us. We all know soap on a rope, hankies and tennis socks are so 20 years ago, so spoil him with a pair of on trend – and comfortable – Grasshoppers shoes, they make the perfect gift to unwrap on the morning of the 21st. Jazz up his wardrobe and increase his cool credentials if he hasn’t cottoned on to Grasshoppers yet. Is he a man running around town all day, or seated at aRead More

InspectaCar streamlines buying and selling processes to cater to growing pre-owned vehicle demand

In its efforts to provide customers with peace of mind, InspectaCar has implemented a number of new systems and protocols to ensure buying and selling pre-owned vehicles is as safe and easy as possible. The WesBank-certified franchise has upgraded its website to enable customers to enjoy a large part of their buying journeys from the safety and comfort of their homes. Customers can go on line to the website, select the vehicle of their choice, in the area of their choice and are even able to choose from aRead More