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Afribiz Invest continues to build houses for the disadvantaged

Afribiz Invest is a pan-African investment company investing in the continent’s strategic sectors, with
a focus on infrastructural space. Founded in 2005, the company has a diversified portfolio that creates
an optimal balance between investment return and future growth for stakeholders. At Afribiz we treat
capital as a scarce resource to be efficiently allocated and we take an active role in the management of
our portfolio companies, to ensure growth and preservation of our investments. Our focus is on
building businesses for long-term sustainable growth and not a quick exit.
Afribiz Invest along with the subsidiary companies Solid State Power, Kunene Makopo Risk Solutions
and Tshepang Electrical will help to build houses for the disadvantaged families. Last year Afribiz
Invest built 15 houses; this year Afribiz Invest has a target to build 30 houses for disadvantaged
families, the following houses were previously handed over:
The Seboga home
Mamelodi 5989 Section Q, D4 west.
The house was destroyed by a disgruntled family member over ownership of the house.
The home has 2 occupants namely Dorene Seboga and Walter Seboga who are unemployed.
The Sebelebele home
Mamelodi 5938 Section Q, D4 west.
The roof of the house got blown away by strong winds.
The home has 3 occupants. Lillian Sebelebele is 38 years old and unemployed living with 2 children.
The oldest child is 13 years old and the youngest is 3 years old.
The Modiehi home
Hammanskral 2283 Trust farm, Stinkwater.
The home has 5 occupants. The bread-winner Simon Modiehi was killed during the local government election
whilst building a home for his family. The Modiehi family was left stranded with an incomplete house and with
no bread-winner the house was left incomplete.
The home has 2 occupants and they are both unemployed.
The 2 home occupants have no children and they are both on wheelchairs
The following houses have been opened in the past years alongside the above:
 The Mavhina house hand-over was on the 17th February 2019 in Venda Mbwili.
 The Madidi house hand-over was on the 02 August 2018.
 The Matjila family house hand-over was on the 19th July 2018 situated in Soshanguve,
 Koko Elizabeth received her new home on the 09th June 2018 situated in Bekkersdal
 The Modiehi family is situated in Hammanskral and the family will have the house handedover on Wednesday the 19th of April 2019
“Collen Mashawana, founder of Afribiz invest states, “We cannot entirely succeed on our own, but
being on our own will stop us from attempting to change peoples lives”
This week only Afribiz Invest will have opened 3 houses in Hamanskraal and Mamelodi with the hand
over conducted by Premier Makhura.

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