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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017


Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Geleza Kleva & Learn Workshops

The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival in September is not only about music. It is also about giving back to the community, with business workshops designed to help emerging talent gain invaluable help from music experts. Geleza Kleva & Learn are free Music Business Workshops, which form part of the Joy of Jazz initiative, and these take place in July all around Gauteng. These workshops are especially designed to show how the music industry works, and help would-be artists gain a foothold. Under the banner of Youth Development inRead More

Giving back to promote safer rugby and a better life for injured play-ers

After a highly successful and entertaining “Play the Bounce Braai” and “Training Day with the Springboks”, the South African Rugby Legends Association (SARLA) has capped off the event by handing over a cheque to the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund. This was made possible through personal donations made by the SA Rugby Legends who attended the event, as a way of giving back to the sport. The day’s events not only gave guests a chance to rub shoulders with some of SA’s current and former rugby greats at aRead More

Honda Civic steps out of shadows to shine

Once upon a time the Honda Civic struggled to have a life of its own away from the shadow of the Ballade. How times have changed, and with the 2017 models times for the Civic Sedan have changed for the better. The latest model stands out with confidence, boasting aggressive lines and refined features that make it noticeable from the crowd. Exterior Civic Sedan Touring features all-LED headlights that are perfect for lighting up the road and your life. With a bold, aggressive face and sharp, sophisticated bodylines throughout, everyRead More

The trendiest way to get around

As the SUV and crossover markets in South Africa continue to grow in leaps and bounds, the challenge also continues to grow for automakers to produce standout vehicles. Driven by this, Honda has responded with a trendy seven-seater BR-V which satisfies both the needs to carry the family comfotably and the need to drive in style. Before the BR-V, Honda had served the SUV and crossover markets in SA with the larger CR-V and the mid-size HR-V. The BR-V slots in between the two, to maximise comfort and style withoutRead More


Water – it’s everywhere, and in just about everything and everyone on this wonderful planet of ours. 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. Water’s in the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, and we humans are pretty much made up of water too. Water, in short, is life. And for a long time, water was my life. Discovering the joy of swimming inspired me to dedicate 20 years of my life to training and realising my dream toRead More

2017 U23 World Wheelchair Basketball Championship: A learning curve for Sasol Amawheelies

South African Under 23 men’s wheelchair basketball head coach, Allen Mtatase says his Amawheelies boys squad learned a lot from their 2017 Men’s U23 World Wheelchair Basketball Championship experience, despite disappointing results. Playing in the world tournament against eventual Champions Great Britain, Germany, Japan, USA and France, the team suffered defeats in their first-round outings of International Wheelchair Basketball. But the national team coach insists that the learnings Amawheelies have taken on and off the court, during the tournament held in Canada, will stand them in good stead for theRead More